Registration of teams
May 7, 2014

2015 Pre-European

Pre-European Championship was a great success. Many satisfied pilots, families, friends, and staff, great flying conditions, parties and most importantly — no complaints, made the competition as great as it was.

The FINAL results are as follows:

Flex Wings:

Elio Cataldi (ITA)
Suan Selenati (ITA)
Balazs Ujhelyi (HUN)
Rigid Wings:

Tim Grabowski (GER)
Patrick Chopard (FRA)
Anton Raumauf (AUT)
We would like to thank all who participated, the pilots, families and friends, organizers, staff and others who contributed to making this competition a success. We hope you all are satisfied, happy with the results and most importantly —

We hope to see you all next year on the European Hang Gliding Championship 2016!